I'm designing a DB for an app, where people could save their game records and get some statistics. Game could be played 1x1 or 2x2 players.

I expect ~20 active users per day, if that matters.

I thought aboust this simple design:

games table:

users table:

player2 and player4 might be nullable. Both scores are integer values.

For the first time I'd like to serve some stats for users: how many game was played, winrate, last N matches and so on.

games table doesn't look like scaleable table, but keep in mind, ~20 active users per day.

What do you guys think? Can I go with such simple schema? Thanks in advance!

P. S. I've tried another design at the very beginning:

games - many to many through user_games(user_id and game_id foreign keys) with users. But I've faced an issue while representating data - scores wasn't attached to players evidently.

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