I came across this question on how to update nth element of array, but it has nested json values in it instead of a plain array of strings.

Here are some sample json values from jsonb column of the table.

{"pattern": {"values": ["foo", "edfgh"]}}
{"pattern": {"values": ["abc", "abdhi", "foo"]}}
{"pattern": {"values": ["these", "abcd", "para", "avil"]}}

We can select the nth element using

select data #> '{pattern, values, 0}' from table;

How can we loop through array and update foo to bar if it is present in that array?


You can use a query like the one below;

  data = jsonb_set(data,'{pattern, values}', ((data->'pattern'->'values') - 'foo') ||  '["bar"]' )
  (data #> '{pattern, values}') ? 'foo';


First you have to find records which have "foo" value in "values" array;

(data #> '{pattern, values}') ? 'foo'

After that remove the value "foo" from the array;

((data->'pattern'->'values') - 'foo')

Create a new array by concatenating your new value(s).

((data->'pattern'->'values') - 'foo') ||  '["bar"]'

Replace new array with the old one.

jsonb_set(data,'{pattern, values}', new_array)
  • This replaces the element but doesn't preserve the order. Is there a way to update it and preserve order also? – ChillarAnand Apr 26 '19 at 4:28

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