I have downloaded and started up Oracle's pre-built OTN Developer Day VM. The VM is running on an SSD. I want to load some data for development purposes. I am planning to create a new user and load the data under this new user's schema.

I would like to keep this data outside the SSD. I already have a mount point to an HDD inside the VM (as a network share). This mount point is a Samba share from another VM in the same machine.

My question is, how do I create a tablespace for the datafiles on this HDD mount point?

It would be nice if I can point undo and temporary tablespaces also to the HDD mount point.

My objective is to keep the VM size as low as possible.

I will appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction.

  • I am thinking that instead of creating a new tablespace, why not move the existing tablespace/datafiles to the new vmdk. Looks like I can use the instructions in this article This is a development machine so optimizing for performance is not necessary. But, I will have data for multiple projects on it -- which is the reason I want to keep the data on the HDD.
    – unubar
    Apr 30 '19 at 21:39


I highly recommend you change your design to use a supported file system : NFS.

The database can use its own NFS client driver (Direct NFS) to talk to the NFS Server. It will use the OS's if it can't use DNFS.


I'd keep these on the SSD and set AUTO EXTEND to NO.


Answer left in a comment by Phil:

You can't create Oracle data files on SMB mounts, I'm afraid. Best way of doing it would be to add a new virtual disk to the Oracle VM, with the virtual disk files (vmdk, or whatever) on the other HDD.

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