I'm having troubles to operate an ETL process on DataStage. I have the following error log:

#TABLE#,0: ODBC function "SQLExecute" reported: SQLSTATE = HY000: Native Error Code = -332: Msg = [IBM(DataDirect OEM)][ODBC DB2 Wire Protocol driver][UDB DB2 for iSeries and AS/400]TRANSLATION FROM CCSID 13488 TO 65535 NOT DEFINED. (CC_OdbcDBStatement::executeInsert, file CC_OdbcDBStatement.cpp, line 812)

For what I've understood from the error and some internet sources, the problem is I am reading the date with Unicode and the target table while, on the other hand, it needs to have an *HEX coding.

I can't access to AS400, so I am wondering if it exists a way to cast this problem from the ETL (DataStage) tool.

  • CCSID 65535 means the column you are inserting to is defined as binary data, while you apparently supplying a string value encoded as UCS-2 (CCSID 13488). Modify your DataStage job to supply values of correct data types. – mustaccio May 2 '19 at 12:20
  • Any clue on how I modify my DataStage job? I'm quite new with this tool and I've learnt a bit, but I cannot figure it out how to deal with this issue. – Mario Migliaccio May 2 '19 at 12:22
  • Not without knowing the details of your job, obviously. Should be where you define column mappings, I presume. – mustaccio May 2 '19 at 13:21
  • You are right. I am wondering how it is that possible since all my columns are not binary naturally. What I mean is, for example, I have COMPANY_CD which is a char data type, i.e. it can assume value like "AB004" or "CJ919" and others. Wouldn't be an error? – Mario Migliaccio May 2 '19 at 13:34

It is solved. In fact there was a problem from the source. There was no sense in asking how to constraint a data type to another one.

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