We use the pgAdmin4 version 3.1 on Red Hat connecting to a server PostgresQL 9.6. In the log of the server, I notice some errors generated by the pga4dash :

ERROR:  column "waiting" does not exist at character 193

Indeed, the column waiting has been renamed to wait_event in Postgresql 9.6.

I tried to upgrade the pgadmin4 package by using :

yum updgrade pgadmin4 

The upgrade was realized without problem but it's still running the oldest version 3.1 instead of the new downloaded (after a reload of httpd daemon)

How can I do to use the newest pgadmin4 version downloaded? I search on the documentation of pgadmin and there are no notes about an upgrade of the pgAdmin4

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I found the solution, I just recreated the configuration file in the apache2 directory and restarted the httpd daemon.

This ticket can be close.

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