When querying pg_type, I'm interested in identifying free-standing composite types (user-defined) and not those which are created along with tables. Perhaps there is a way to lookup pg_class (with typrelid) which might help but it's not apparent how I might do that.


Composite types that belong to tables have an internal dependency on the table in pg_depend. You simply have to exclude such types:

SELECT t.oid::regtype
FROM pg_type AS t
WHERE t.typtype = 'c'
   AND t.typnamespace NOT IN
          ('pg_catalog'::regnamespace, 'pg_toast'::regnamespace)
          SELECT 1 FROM pg_depend AS d
          WHERE d.objid = t.oid
            AND d.classid = 'pg_type'::regclass
            AND d.refclassid = 'pg_class'::regclass
            AND d.deptype = 'i');
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i believe i've found the answer - pg_class (which can be joined to pg_type ON pg_type.typrelid = pg_class.oid) has a column called relkind which provides:

r = ordinary table
i = index
S = sequence
v = view
c = composite type *** identifies free-standing composite type
t = TOAST table

This query identifies custom (free-standing) types:

select t.typname, t.typtype, t.typcategory, t.typrelid, c.relname, c.relkind
from pg_type t
left join pg_class c on c.oid = t.typrelid
where t.typtype = 'c' and c.relkind = 'c';
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