when I run sp_BlitzIndex @Version = '7.5', @VersionDate = '20190427', on my Microsoft SQL Server 2017 v14.0.3048.4, I have some tables where the missing indexes reports one column Finding with the value "No Missing Indexes". This is perfect.

But in many cases I have what appears to be result columns with no values. It looks like this:

Finding | URL | Estimated Benefit | Missing Index Request | Estimated Impact | Create TSQL

And there is nothing in the rows. My fear is that I actually have some missing indexes but some wire is crossed and the output isn't being produced. I have been using this tool for years and find it invaluable, so I want to be certain I am actually seeing the correct results.


That just means SQL Server's not recommending indexes for that table, or the index recommendations aren't a significant benefit. We filter out trivially insignificant missing indexes, like those with a very low benefit that have only been run a few times.

If you'd like to try other scripts, you can use any number of them.

  • Thank you very much for your clarification! – Karl Kvool May 17 at 0:41

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