I am trying to set up mongodb sharding and almost done.

 1. completed 1 config replicaSet
 2. completed 1 shardsvr replicaSet
 3. multiple mongos routers connected to config and shardsvr also done

I think I am almost completed about sharding and I can manage "SHARDED CLUSTER" in mongodb compass.

But I still unclear with the facts of read and write via mongos. Many sharding guide end at the point after mongos is running. But I want to know is my following structure is valid or not to run.

 1. I have 6 servers (3 normal,3 high performance web servers)
 2. Normal 3 servers run as config 
 3. High Performance 3 run as 1 shard and multiple mongos (mongos on each)

May I know is my structure in correct form or in wrong for sharding concept. Is it ready to use with application to connect mongos with this situation ? Thank you.

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    It's not clear what you are asking. Your general description sounds reasonable assuming you have followed the standard tutorial to Deploy a Sharded Cluster. However, the true test of your configuration being ready to use would be inserting some data via the mongos. Also, if you want to try sharding you need to have at least two shards ;-). Rather than asking if your config is ready to use, I would give it a test run and ask for help if you encounter a specific error message or outcome that you need help interpreting. – Stennie May 16 at 12:23

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