An application is being made in .NET to register (inventory) databases (from SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle), users and credentials in SQL Server tables, what we want to do in addition is that this application does not only register, but also generate the DDL statement for the creation of the same depending on the database system, this is simple, what I can not find is how to execute these statements from SQL Server to another database administration system.

In summary I would like to know if it is possible to execute DDL statements in PostgreSQL or another manager from SQL Server, or it is necessary to create a connection of the application directly with the database in question (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle). Although there is a way to do it, I would like to save the time of downloading the drivers and implementing them in the application.

Note: We already have the PostgreSQL and MySQL drivers for queries from SQL Server via linkservers, but I can not find a way to create a database in the same way.

Any suggestion would be very useful to me.

Thank you.

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    Have you thought about doing this in the application, instead, and not have a dependency between database products where there shouldn't be? – Sean Gallardy May 15 at 15:37

You need to connect to each database in the application.

Applications languages have tended to normalize on database interfaces (e.g. JDBC) so the interactions to databases will be largely consistent, you just need the drivers.

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