Is there a table that with the log file information in postgres? I wish to create a view/report of the information in the postgres logs. I'd like to do something like:

FROM log_table;
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Fortunately PostgreSQL does not log to a table, because the performance penalty would be forbidding on an active database — logging to a file is much cheaper.

You can still get what you want:

  • Configure log_destination = csvlog (see the documentation for a description of the format and how it matches a database table layout).

  • You can either load the log file into a database table with COPY or use file_fdw to define an “external table” for it (the latter has the advantage of using no space in the database, but it only allows sequential scans).

  • Either way, you can use table partitioning to unify the individual log files to a single partitioned log table that you can query (optional of course).

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