I want to retrieve a table with all Riders of the same Weight from a table named Rider, which is defined in this way:

    name VARCHAR(30),
    weight REAL,
    PRIMARY KEY(name)
) ENGINE=innodb;

The data in it is:

Alan  55
Ana   55
Anne  50
Bill  65
David 60
Julia 55
Peter 65
Stan  60

I want a result like this:

50 Anne
55 Alan Ana Julia
60 David Stan
65 Bill Peter

I can't figure out how to do it. I can only manage to sort them all by weight with:

  SELECT weight, name 
    FROM Rider 
GROUP BY weight;

All help is greatly appreciated!


You're looking for GROUP_CONCAT:

SELECT weight, GROUP_CONCAT(name SEPARATOR ' ') as name_list
FROM Rider
GROUP BY weight
  • Thanks for helping me out! Good karma to you! – Liquid Silver May 17 at 19:46

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