My test environment had network glitch over the weekend and I ended up having two Primary databases up and running in the cluster.

 ID | Name                              | Role    | Status    | Upstream | Location | Priority | Connection string
 1  | node-1 | primary | ! running |          | default  | 100      | host=node-1 user=repmgr dbname=repmgr connect_timeout=2
 2  | node-2 | primary | * running |          | default  | 100      | host=node-2 user=repmgr dbname=repmgr connect_timeout=2

Is there a way to demote the new Primary back to Standby and resume WAL shipping instead of perform the Standby clone?

PgSQL version: 10.7

Repmgr version: 4.3

Any help is greatly appreciated.


the bad news is: so far as I know the only solution is to demote one of your primaries and re-clone.

the good news is: rsync should be able to do the cloning fairly quickly if most of the data is unalteted,

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  • Thanks for the reply. What command that you use for re-clone? I need to clean up the $PGDATA and tablespace directories for using the standby clone command: repmgr -h node-01 -U repmgr -d repmgr -f /etc/repmgr.conf standby clone --force --fast-checkpoint – CJ Chang May 21 '19 at 10:50
  • my answer if from my understanding of postgresql, repmgr seems to be capable of using rsync, but I don't know enough abput its internals to give detailed instruction there. – Jasen May 22 '19 at 23:14

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