How do I know which wal_level my AWS RDS Postgres 11.1 database has?

I checked 'parameter groups', but was unable to find the wal_level.

Once found, how do I change it?

  • I'm writing this for people who can't find the setting in the Param group: Had you checked the actual parameter group for that instance, in the Configuration tab > DB instance parameter group? Or just the parameter groups that you find in the Custom tab of Parameter groups, which is the default tab... Commented Mar 26 at 11:44

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To find out the wal_level you can use PSQL and execute: show wal_level; You need to set rds.logical_replication parameter to 1. It will automatically change wal_level to logical.

I found some details here

  • Can check both with SELECT name,setting FROM pg_settings WHERE name IN ('wal_level','rds.logical_replication'); Commented Jan 8 at 11:57
  • The original question asks "how to change it", but nobody really answered. To change the parameter, however obviosu this might be for some, I found it tricky: you need to identify the actual parameter group that your instance is using, even if it's the detault one, then copy it to another group with an evocative name; then change this param with the Edit function, then save, Apply immediately, and Reboot when instance is ready to be rebooted... Commented Mar 26 at 11:46

With RDS Postgresql or Aurora Postgresql, you can only work on logical replication, because we can find the paramter rds.logical_replication and change it to 1 to enable it. But, you can't find the parameter wal_level or I have also tried searching for rds.streaming_replication to turn on streaming replication but, you cannot find them.

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