I've installed the Temboard tool (http://temboard.io/) to start monitoring my postgresql server. I've noticed that when I modify the postgresql.conf on the server and I restart it, the change is not taken into consideration. If I do it in the Temboard terminal it is. Is it normal? I was supposing that temboard should follow what is done in the postgresql.conf if I modify it on the server. Where temboard agent manages the server config?


Temboard presumably uses ALTER SYSTEM, which on the server side, writes into postgresql.auto.conf.

The contents of postgresql.auto.conf takes precedence over the contents of postgresql.conf, so if a setting is specified with both methods, the value in postgresql.conf is going to be ignored, no matter how you restart.

To get back to the situation where the setting in postgresql.conf is not ignored, consider doing

 ALTER SYSTEM RESET setting_name;

Then the next reload or restart should pick up the value from postgresql.conf.

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