I have a column in table with type character varying here is the query:

update logins 
set access_token='l38r8cfjm31b38ye91yjn1956vr3n74tc5sc0btholj0iain77' and uuid='123456789'  
where username = 'PWD_2006'

It give me the error:

ERROR: invalid input syntax for type boolean: "l38r8cfjm31b38ye91yjn1956vr3n74tc5sc0btholj0iain77"
LINE 1: update logins set access_token='l38r8cfjm31b38ye91yjn1956vr3... ^
SQL state: 22P02
Character: 32

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    Change and by a , (comma)
    – McNets
    Commented May 24, 2019 at 7:41

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Your query is interpreted as

... SET access_token =
         and uuid='123456789')

That is, AND is treated as a logical operator, and the string constant is interpreted as a boolean literal, which causes the error.

Replace AND with , like the comment suggests.

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