I am trying to create a view and would like to display the firstName and lastName columns from a table as one column (User) in a view.

The view is using a left join. What I would like to do is join on userID from tableA with concat of firstName and lastName from tableB.

Is this possible in MySql? I have seen some proposed solutions for SQL Server.

Instead of displaying emailAddress column as per below view, I want to display a concat of firstName and lastName columns.

create or replace view document.Documents
    ,cu.emailAddress as createdByUser
from document.Document as d
        left join customer.User as cu
            on cu.userID = d.recCreatedByUserID

Yes, use concat or concat_ws:

  SELECT concat_ws(' ', firstName, lastName) as "User" 
  FROM mytable; 
  • Thanks for the initial answer. I updated the question to reflect a more detailed scenario of what I am trying to achieve. – kravb May 25 '19 at 15:42

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