I have started working on a postgreSQL database. There is a table keeping the record of stocks and every time a record is updated, a copy of the original row needs to be kept, with a flag added to say that the record is no longer current. I am planning to implement this using a Trigger (which I am assuming is the best option).

In the above case, with a flag to say that a record is not the current one, what's the best way to ensure that reads from the table always used the latest records? Only checking the flag value with where condition?

  • The performance between writing and reading, what's your choice ? It'd take to time to update the latest value but then, select is fast. – Luan Huynh May 27 '19 at 7:15

If it were me, rather than flagging current, I would just time stamp each entry. Then, you would not need to update anything. You would only need to insert a new row. This way, you can query sets of data to plot against time, as a side benefit.

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  • so which one would give the best performance in a large table when querying for the latest records of an item. Querying by flag +condition or latest_timestamp+condition. – Vidhu May 26 '19 at 8:55

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