How to return result sets from a procedure in Postgres v12(beta).

The link below says that changes have been done in Postgres v12 beta.


Server-Side Languages

□ Add support for polymorphic arguments and return types to languages other than PL/PgSQL

□ Add support for OUT and INOUT parameters to languages other than PL/PgSQL

□ Add more fine-grained specification of functions taking arbitrary data types

   ▪ RfD: more powerful "any" types

[D] ✓ Implement stored procedures

This might involve the control of transaction state and the return of multiple result sets

   ▪ PL/pgSQL stored procedure returning multiple result sets (SELECTs)?
   ▪ Proposal: real procedures again (8.4)
   ▪ http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-hackers/2010-09/msg00542.php
   ▪ Gathering specs and discussion on feature (post 9.1)


I guess you are referring to “returning multiple result sets”.

First, the page you are showing is from the PostgreSQL TODO list, which is not a list of new features in v12, but a collection of things that might be useful to implement — a wish list rather than a feature list.

Stored procedures have been introduced in v11, but there is no support for multiple result sets yet.

  • Of course; silly mistake. May 29 '19 at 4:04

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