I have database with few fields: _id, field0, field1, field2, field3, field4, field5..

I created index on as follows:

db.usertable.createIndex( { _id: 1, field1:1} )

The expected that a query with projection of those fields in the index, would be fast as all the required data is already in the index. I found that the default index on _id was used instead of the new index I added.

Here is the log line for the query:

2019-05-13T23:37:22.317+0300 I COMMAND  [conn34] command ycsb.usertable command: 
find { find: "usertable", filter: { _id: "user5830762568852303260" }, projection: 
{ field0: 1 }, limit: 1, singleBatch: true, $db: "ycsb", lsid: { id: UUID("372c448a-00e0-4e2e-b68a-651b9f558e3c") }, 
$readPreference: { mode: "primaryPreferred" } } planSummary: IDHACK keysExamined:1 docsExamined:1 cursorExhausted:1 numYields:1 nreturned:1 reslen:257 
locks:{ Global: { acquireCount: { r: 2 } }, Database: { acquireCount: { r: 2 } }, Collection: { acquireCount: { r: 2 } } } protocol:op_msg 1001ms

My understanding of IDHACK is that once _id is part of the query, the default index on _id is consulted instead of the index I added although it includes all the data for the query.

Does it mean that there's is no point to create any additional index that includes _id as it will be ignored anyway?

Is there a way to fix the index without changing the query so such index will be consulted instead of the default one?

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