I am trying to host my simple php mysql app onto heroku.For that i have used cleardb addon.

I have got database url: mysql://b567e9a2a204f8:ea13defd@us-cdbr-iron-east-02.cleardb.net/heroku_d242c1201e54a1b?reconnect=true

in windows command line i run -> -u b567e9a2a204f8 -h us-cdbr-iron-east-02.cleardb.net -P3306 -D heroku_d242c1201e54a1b -p

and then type password.

but then after about 30 seconds i get response: ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'us-cdbr-iron-east-02.cleardb.net' (10060 "Unknown error") in terminal

Do i have to make some changes to any config file as i am trying to acess database not on localhost for first time?

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