When trying this example from the DB2 11.1 manual:

VALUES (JSON_VALUE('{"id":"987"}', 'strict $.id' RETURNING INTEGER));

I get this error:

SQL0171N The statement was not processed because the data type, length or value of the argument for the parameter in position "1" of routine "SYSIBM.JSON_VALUE" is incorrect. Parameter name: ""

I get the same error for various json functions. Using the Command Line Processor Plus from Windows 10.

  • Works for me. What client are you using to run the statement? – mustaccio May 30 at 15:38
  • @mustaccio. Edited – Clodoaldo May 30 at 17:33
  • CLPPlus is weird. My guess would be it's doing funny things to quotes. – mustaccio May 30 at 18:03
  • @mustaccio. Also tried from Visual Studio with same error. – Clodoaldo May 30 at 18:15
  • @mustaccio: Server version here is What is yours? – Clodoaldo May 30 at 18:21

The problem is that the database must be encoded in UTF-8.


JSON data consists of a sequence of Unicode characters that are arranged in a hierarchical form based on the JSON value syntax and grammar

  • +1 for answering your own question when you found the problem. You should also accept the answers so others easily can see it. – Lennart Jul 27 at 9:45

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