I got an error from PostgreSQL (11) when my code tries to CREATE INDEX on a view:

ERROR:  "_blk_l" is not a table or materialized view

To avoid the error, I wanted to check if a regclass object can be indexed before creating the index. Looking in the documentation, there are the following types of objects:


r = ordinary table, i = index, S = sequence, t = TOAST table, v = view, m = materialized view, c = composite type, f = foreign table, p = partitioned table, I = partitioned index

I guess r and m can be indexed. Are there other types of objects that can be indexed in above?


As far as i know only tables/relations, partitioned tables and materialized views are indexable because they are persisted in disk, i cant think in use of case of indexing a sequence, indexing an index (indexception?).

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