I am developing a ERP for a small cooperative with special needs (that'y why they need a non-general solution).

I'd like to model the following: A "receipt" can either be incoming or outgoing For that I'd like to have three tables: collection | payment | receipt So a receipt can belong to a Collection or a Payment

I'd like to model the Receipt table with id, collection_id (fk), payment_id (fk) so there would be a 0,1:n relation from both father tables to the receipt table.

Does that make sense from a DB development view? Or is there another recommended way to model multiple inheritance?

The same question applies to a a document (image, PDF, etc.) - any uploadable resource: A document can either belong to an activity, a receipt, a project, etc.


I would Simply add a receipt_id to the collection and payment table.

This is a better design (objectively normalised) that allows your model to grow should your requirements change

This would solve the problem for your document model also - activity, reciept, project would contain a document_id, and you could expand your model to include any number of tables containing a document_id.

If you need to differentiate between documents stored in the table itself, you could add a document_type to make that distinction.

  • got it... problem is that this would allow only 1:1 relationships but I understand the general idea. In my usecase a payment could be for several receipts (for example you bought 3 things for a project, in 3 different stores, but the company pays you the total amount back). I guess it's better to normalize collection and payment in one table "account movement" which then can be associated to several receipt_id's Jun 3 '19 at 15:45

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