I want table to contain logs and be looped, so when it came to last key in sequence it will start over from one and will rewrite old logs.

I can do it if i mark sequence as cycle and do requests like that:

INSERT INTO logs (initiator_id, target_id, action, message) VALUES ($1, $2, $3, $4)
ON CONFLICT (id) DO UPDATE SET target_id=$2, initiator_id=$1, action=$3, message=$4;

What i don't like, is that i need to repeat same inserts if there is conflict (line 2)

What i'am curios about, is it a good way to do, or there is other more practical ways for tables that you need clear lets say every 3 mounts?

Or maybe there is a way to generate unique id without using sequences?

For now i decided to make 2 columns primary key (date, initiator_id) as log is always 1 action at a time.


you could just use a monotonic sequence (always counting upwards) and delete records based on their age

you could do table partitioning by date and just drop the old partitions

  • but there will be limit even for bigint. – RTW Jun 6 at 16:53
  • yes, you can allow it to loop, just don't use the looping to means something – Jasen Jun 7 at 2:47

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