I recently installed MySQL 5.7.23 and started mysql service later ran mysql_secure_installation but while changing the password ran into any issue where it says that i cannot change the password as mysql service is running with skip-grant-tables.

Tried couple of times by stopping and starting the services but still the mysql service is getting started with skip-grant-tables. Command used to start service is service mysqld start, i did not mention the skip-grant tables while starting the service nor kept it in my.cnf file.

I logged into mysql and executed flush privileges, set root password, again flush privileges and logged out at this point it is requesting to login with the root password, but if i do a restart or run the mysql_secure_installation it is still starting with skip-grant-tables.

Can anyone let me know how i can resolve this issue by not starting mysql automatically with skip-grant-tables.

Thanks in advance.

  • check if skip-grant-tables is in one of your /etc/my.cnf* configuration files. – danblack Jun 4 at 0:30
  • There is no skip-grant-tables in my.cnf file – Rabbit Jun 5 at 18:13

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