I have a portable PostgreSQL database that runs perfectly on my computer as a database server. This is a work computer that I use for a lot of work in Excel with non-sensitive data (that is, data that is visible to anyone on the LAN).

Having access to a fast database server would make my life much easier, however, I need to be able to write to it using either VBA/VBS/Powershell or .NET. I can't install the ODBC driver for the database as that requires administrator privileges and I don't have a great relationship with the IT staff, so they would reject any request without even reading it.

Is there a way of inserting data quickly into PostgreSQL (or any other fast database server) without installing the driver? I'm thinking of something that functions as a portable driver. Since the database is run with only my privileges and I can insert into it directly form the command line, I am hoping there might some way of doing this from VBA.


postgres can be "installed" from a ZIP file by simply extracting it.

psql is part of the Postgres "installation" can be used without any further steps.

Any JDBC based query tool can also be used without "installing" a driver, as you can put the JDBC driver's .jar file anywhere you want.

It seems you can download the ODBC driver binaries directly without an installer. But I don't know if it's possible to properly register that with any tool that needs it.

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