I have an export of MongoDB data that includes time stamp such as

lastRunEnd = 1549036780246

When I select this value as select to_timestamp (('1549036780246'::double precision)) as lastRunEnd I get: 51057-01-08 05:30:46

Where I expect 2019-02-01 15:59:40.... Here is value as written in Mongo "lastRunEnd" : ISODate("2019-02-01T15:59:40.246Z")

From Documentation > BSON has a special timestamp type for internal MongoDB use and is not associated with the regular Date type. Timestamp values are a 64 bit value where:

the first 32 bits are a time_t value (seconds since the Unix epoch) the second 32 bits are an incrementing ordinal for operations within a given second.

How do I covert this ISO date to Postgerss timestamp format?

Using Posgress 11

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    1549036780246 is not an ISO date; it's Unix time in milliseconds; divide it by 1000. – mustaccio Jun 5 at 16:19
  • Thank you !!! select to_timestamp ((1549036780246 / 1000 ::double precision)) as lastRunEnd – Data Tale Jun 5 at 16:26

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