I have a scenario where i need to split rows in a table and assign certain values to a column for each group. The table name is customers(contains around 300K rows) and i need to split the customers in this table into 9 groups and update each group with a specific value in the "Value" column.

Anyone have any idea on how to do this using PostgreSQL?

This is the table structure(only a part)

Create table customers
(Customer_id  integer,
Customer_email TEXT,
Value TEXT

Insert into customers Values(1,'[email protected]',now(),'')
Insert into customers Values(2,'[email protected]',now(),'')
Insert into customers Values(3,'[email protected]',now(),'')
Insert into customers Values(4,'[email protected]',now(),'')
Insert into customers Values(5,'[email protected]',now(),'')
Insert into customers Values(6,'[email protected]',now(),'')
Insert into customers Values(7,'[email protected]',now(),'')
Insert into customers Values(8,'[email protected]',now(),'')
Insert into customers Values(9,'[email protected]',now(),'')
Insert into customers Values(10,'[email protected]',now(),'')
Insert into customers Values(11,'[email protected]',now(),'')
Insert into customers Values(12,'[email protected]',now(),'')

The above is the sample table structure and values and now i want the customers in this table to be split into 4 groups(in real i have to split into more groups say like 9 or 10) and update the Value column with a specific text for the split groups.

so the first 4 rows will be assigned with a value 'dos-1-1'
second set of 4 rows with a value 'dos-2-2'
Third set of 4 rows with a value 'dos-3-3'
Fourth set of 4 rows with a value 'dos-4-4'

Below is the desired result,

ID        Email              Date         Value
1   "[email protected]"     "2019-06-14"    "dos-1-1"
2   "[email protected]"     "2019-06-14"    "dos-1-1"
3   "[email protected]"   "2019-06-14"    "dos-1-1"
4   "[email protected]"     "2019-06-14"    "dos-2-2"
5   "[email protected]"  "2019-06-14"    "dos-2-2"
6   "[email protected]"      "2019-06-14"    "dos-2-2"
7   "[email protected]"    "2019-06-14"    "dos-3-3"
8   "[email protected]"    "2019-06-14"    "dos-3-3"
9   "[email protected]"   "2019-06-14"    "dos-3-3"
10  "[email protected]"   "2019-06-14"    "dos-4-4"
11  "[email protected]"     "2019-06-14"    "dos-4-4"
12  "[email protected]"     "2019-06-14"    "dos-4-4"

Above is the situation and in real the table consists of around 300k rows and need to split it into 9 groups and update each group with a specific text.


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WITH cte AS ( SELECT Customer_id, NTILE(4) OVER ()::TEXT "Value" FROM customers )
UPDATE customers
SET "Value" = 'dos-' ||  cte."Value" || '-' ||  cte."Value"
FROM cte
WHERE customers.Customer_id = cte.Customer_id;


PS. It's recommended to use some ORDER BY in OVER clause (for example by Customer_id) - without it the result is not deterministic...


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