hei, i am getting ERROR: syntax error at or near "int" in declare.

declare v_n int; v_i int = 0
v_n := month(now()) - 1
select v_n

if object_id('tempdb..#t12345') is not null then drop table #t12345;
end if;

create temp table #t12345 (
id int identity(1,1) NOT NULL,
check_date date)

while v_i < 12

if (v_n-v_i) > 0 
insert into #t12345(check_date)
select cast((v_n - v_i) as varchar(10)) 
cast(year(now()) as varchar(20))
set; v_i = v_i + 1
insert into #t12345(check_date)
select cast((12 - (v_i - v_n))  as varchar(10))
cast((year(now()) - 1) as varchar(20))
set; v_i = v_i + 1
end if;
end loop

select * from #t12345 order by check_date desc

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