I am in the process of migrating an AWS RDS SQL Server to another instance of AWS RDS SQL Server with lesser storage. AWS folks suggested using the native backup/restore option instead of DMS.

Steps I am intending to execute are:

  1. Drop a table ( data from this table is backed up on S3)
  2. Replace the table with a new table that stores data for 30 days (using SP)
  3. Shrink the DB (Any issues in this step?)
  4. Take a full backup
  5. restore it to new Azure instance
  6. When ready for the cut over take a differential backup
  7. restore the differential back up
  8. point the applications to the new server.

Are there any issues with the shrink operation? What tests should I conduct after the migration? I'd appreciate if you could share any best practices and know issues.

  • obvious, but I would add 5.5 stop the application and prevent any updates. – Piotr Jun 19 at 18:12

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