I try to create database with dbca assistant (v 12c) and I would like to firstly use the graphical guide in order to save the response file for later.

I checked the advanced mode during the step 2, I passed all the steps and then I went to the Summary step : I don't have the option "save response file" as you can see on my screenshot Summary

I'm wondering if it's because this option is simply not available if we use advanced mode only ?

If you have any suggestions...

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What version of the installer are you running? Saving response files in DBCA is available starting with version 12.2. You can maybe launch the installer using the -record option to create a response file:


  • Okay you're right, I've the response file version "12.1.0" I tried the -record option but it's saying that it's not an available option :) Thanks
    – Couim
    Commented Jun 19, 2019 at 14:50

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