I am looking into migrating my locally managed MySQL 5.7.10 database to Amazon Aurora Serverless. I am tired of managing my database manually and I would like to use an auto-scaling feature of Aurora Serverless.

So far only Aurora (MySQL)-5.6.10a is available for use in serverless variant. MySQL 5.7.10 has sql_mode by default set to:


I noticed the difference between sql_mode's in both databases because my application manages user balances and without STRICT_TRANS_TABLES database only returns warning if user is trying to spend more than he has on balance (balance type is unsigned numeric value) instead of throwing an error. Setting sql_mode to values from above fixes the issue.

However, I am wondering if setting sql_mode to these values on Aurora (MySQL)-5.6.10a has any performance/auto-scaling downsides or can cause any problems.

  • No significant performance impact. – Rick James Jun 20 at 20:20

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