I have search the web for the last week trying to figure this out. I have exported my tables and events, re-installed the lastest MySQL and imported. I have tried checking individual procedures.

My situation has me at a complete standstill, here it is: I install the latest MySQL 8.0 from MySQL Installer on Windows 10 x64-bit, here is the slightly modified my.ini file: my.ini

Whenever I enable event_scheduler (with any form of an activated event, even a single one liner "SELECT * FROM [Table_Without_Data];") which reoccurs every second, I see an indefinite number of "event_worker" threads opening all of which are stuck in the "opening tables" state and sleeping. My CPU maxes out, and slows down my whole pc.

Additionally I have 8Gb RAM and an i7-3520M CPU @ 2.90GHz

It does not appear when I check full processlist that anything is frozen because of locks which only leaves me to believe it is something in the server configuration.

I also notice that this will not occur if i start the DB and edit the scheduled event, then set event_scheduler=ON, until I send a query anyhow.

Any ideas? Need any further info?


After extenuating efforts to try to crowd source a solution, I've decided this must be a MySQL bug and I've shared it here: BUG#: 100449 Other reference post is here: Stack Overflow - DDeathlonger


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The answer actually has turned out to be a bug which is reproducible - Bug#: 100449

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