I know the period is a word breaker however I want to be able to search the fulltext catalog for a field containing the phrase "ASP.Net" or similar.
Currently my search returns 'ASP' and 'Net' without them occurring consecutively in the text. I want to know if there is a way to stop the period (.) acting as a word breaker for specific searches?

My research so far just suggests I use a LIKE statement however this is not feasible as there are millions of rows with large text fields to search as quickly as possible.


Having followed the link from the comment by Doug Deden:

It looks like a multi-step process, but there are some promising ideas here: Customize the Behavior of Word Breakers with a Custom Dictionary and Custom WordBreaker for SQL Server Full-text on Stack Overflow.

I've seen that I will need to create a custom dictionary and add the entry 'ASP.Net'. This will ensure normal word breaks aren't applied to this phrase when crawling and/or searching on the full-text index.

Create a custom dictionary (SharePoint Server 2010)

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