I have converted age [0-10), [10-20), [20-30) etc. in Azure Machine Learning to 0, 10, 20 etc. with Convert to Dataset, but when all the binned ages are converted, the Edit Metadata doesn't work when changing from string to an integer. So I did an import to SQL and used the try_convert code below, but when I import the data back to Azure, I get the below error message

Select encounter_id,age, 
Try_convert(int,[age]) AS [intage]
FROM dbo.Age;

Error message:

AFx Library library exception: Type Decimal is not supported . ( Error 1000 ).

I think SQL is still recognising the [0-10) even though I converted in Azure. Can anyone please advise? If this is the case, how do I convert [0-10) in SQL?

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