I'm having an issue with a view, when I make a query it brings CPU to 100% and it keeps loading.

The view is:


channel_data_60 table contains about 1,200,000 records:


and this is the source table:


and a screenshot of the EXPLAIN:


I read around and it seems UNION makes this kind of issues but I made a test without it and the query keeps loading forever.

Any help? Is the EXPLAIN result showing something useful?

  • I was able to add a dirty workaround by replacing the channel_data_60 table with a mirror view limited to the latest 10,000 records. Net the most elegant thing, though. – Darko Romanov Jun 26 at 7:53
  • Please do not use screenshots. Also, please add any additional information you have to the question itself - makes for easier reading! – Vérace Jun 26 at 9:05
  • @Vérace I'd like to make it clearer but what do you suggest for showing a table with 11 columns instead of a screenshot? – Darko Romanov Jun 26 at 15:22

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