Has anyone managed to import dbatools module into Azure Automation Account? I tried to do it in several ways, but every time the installation fails:

  • different versions checked from 0.9.* to the latest 1.0.9
  • from portal using Automation Accounts -> Automation modules -> Browse Gallery
  • from portal using Automation Accounts -> Automation modules -> import from file

Every time I got:

Error importing the module dbatools. Import failed with the following error: Orchestrator.Shared.AsyncModuleImport.ModuleImportException: An error occurred during module validation. When importing the module to an internal PowerShell session, it was not able to be loaded by PowerShell. There is likely an issue with the contents of the module that results in PowerShell's not being able to load it. Please verify that the module imports successfully in a local PowerShell session, correct any issues, and then try importing again.

As you can see the error message doesn't tell much (and obviously I am able to import it locally), thus I wonder if anyone managed to go over it somehow.


The issue with importing dbatools into Azure Automation Accounts has been resolved as of release 1.0.66...

enter image description here https://twitter.com/wsmelton/status/1191370349390303234

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