I am currently trying to design an Access database that will house financial data containing forecasting, actuals and prior forecast data.

The current format of the Excel "database" is

Customer Name | Contract Number | Region | Product | Fee Type | Commit Type 
| Jan 19 Plan - Dec 2023 Plan | Jan 19 Prior Forecast to Dec 2023 Prior 
Forecast | Jan 19 Forecast - Dec 2023 Forecast

Where Jan 19 Plan - Dec 2023 Plan is a set of 59 columns, each month with it's own column, and no column in the entire "database" is unique. And contract numbers will have N/A's or blanks etc. This is my initial designenter image description here

I'd love any feedback or modifications anyone can provide

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    You may want to read this. – mustaccio Jun 28 at 16:57
  • You might also want to look here - and check out database answers to get you started. This is above all else an iterative process. I would also arise you to use a "real" RDBMS for your project - I would recommend PostgreSQL! – Vérace Jun 28 at 18:37

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