I have a query that takes 30+ seconds when called from app, but takes <1sec when called directly from SQL SMS.

Here is the query :

    FROM   products T0 
    WHERE  (( ( T0.pk IN (SELECT T1.target 
                               FROM   catrel T1 
                               WHERE  ( T1.source = 87960962008461 ) 
                                      AND ( T1.type = 87961011815221 )) 
                AND T0.pk NOT IN (SELECT T2.target 
                                       FROM   varexc T2 
                                       WHERE  ( T2.source = 87960962008461 ) 
                                              AND ( 
                                      T2.type = 87961020990261 )) ) 
               OR ( T0.pk IN (SELECT T3.target 
                                   FROM   varinc T3 
                                   WHERE  ( T3.source = 87960962008461 ) 
                                          AND ( T3.type = 87961021066258 
                                              )) ) )  ) 
           AND ( T0.type IN ( 87961022300198, 87916102426706 ) ) 
    ORDER  BY T0.p_code 

I have no idea where to start debugging that. When run directly in the SQL databse, the response in instant :

live query stat

The query does appear in the "recent expensive queries" (only when run from another client)

PS: SQL Server does not recommend any additional indexes.

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    Did you happen to come across Slow in the Application, Fast in SSMS? – Erik Darling Jul 2 at 13:07
  • Yes but have only read the first couple chapters! Most (if not all) of the article talks about stored procedures which I thought does not concern me. I'll have a look again. – user184569 Jul 2 at 13:13
  • Are query plans different from each other? Look at the wait type column on sp_WhoIsActive when run query from application. – Yunus UYANIK Jul 16 at 12:21

The option PARAMETRIZATION was "forced" instead of "simple" Switching back to simple + disabling Parameter Sniffing solved the issue.

  • Turns out the Erland Sommarskog articles are pretty darn thorough! – Jacob H Jul 2 at 14:03

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