I have a query in Oracle to select polygons from my_polygon_table that interact or reside inside of a single polygon residing in border_table:

Select t1.*, t2.*, sdo_geom.sdo_intersection(t1.geoloc, t2.geom, 2 ) as genericgeo From table
 ( sdo_join ('my_border_table', 'geoloc', 'my_polygon_table', 'geom', 'mask=ANYINTERACT' ) ) j,
 my_border_table t1,my_polygon_table t2 
 (j.rowId1 = t1.rowId and j.rowId2 = t2.rowId) and (t1.geoloc.sdo_gtype = 2003 or t1.geoloc.sdo_gtype = 2007) and (t2.geom.sdo_gtype = 2003 or t2.geom.sdo_gtype = 2007) 

So far I've installed geometry with CREATE EXTENSION postgis; and copied tables. When I run a query in pgAdmin I get

ERROR:  syntax error at or near "table"
LINE 2: ...ntersection(t1.geoloc, t2.geom, 2 ) as genericgeo From table
SQL state: 42601
Character: 129

How to do the same thing with PostgreSQL?

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