When installing SQL Server 2016, when entering a Managed Service Account for the AccountName, I'm receiving invalid credentials error

* the credentials provided for the 'SQLAGENT$XXXX' server is invalid
* the SQL Server Service account login or password is not valid.  Use SQL Server configuration Manager to update the service account

the logs show the install failing on checking the password of the msa - problem being the msa doesn't have a password.

Sco: Attempting to get account sid for user account PAC\msa_XXXXX_DB$
Sco: Attempting to get sid for user account PAC\msa_XXXXX_DB$
Sco: Attempting to get account from sid S-1-5-21-2210644407-3255923924-189739336-14199
Sco: Check success - user PAC\msa_Q_BIRS01_DB$ exists
UserSecurity.ValidatePassword -- validating user:  PAC\msa_XXXXX_DB$
UserSecurity.ValidatePassword -- user validation failed, attempting an interactive logon in case cached credentials are present
UserSecurity.ValidateCredentials -- user validation failed
--InputValidator: Engine: Validation for account PAC\msa_XXXX_DB$ failed. The credentials you provided for the 'MSSQL$XXXX' service is invalid.

The same problem exists for the agent Service.

Once installed with the local system account - I can go into the SQL Server Config MGR to change the user to the MSA without a problem.

  • Is this a GUI install or cmdline install? Also, is it a "Managed Service Account" or "Group Managed Service Account"? – HandyD Oct 10 '19 at 6:52

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