I have two tables , on parent table (categories ) and child table (features).. I have this query

    select c.* , 
            (select GROUP_CONCAT(f.featuresId , f.featuresTitle ) 
            from applika.features f  
            where f.categoriesId = c.categoriesId 
            group by categoriesId) as nestedData 
        from applika.categories c  

PROBLEM : but in nestedData column my subquery in group_concat show the result inside quotes like this :

 "nestedData": "featuresId:1featuresTitle:title1 ,featuresId:2featuresTitle:title2 ,featuresId:3featuresTitle:title3 ,featuresId:4featuresTitle:4"

REQUEST : but I don't want to show data in quotes , is there another way instead of GROUP_CONCAT or CONCAT to select my child data in ordinary array of objects like this for example :


 "nestedData": [
          {"featuresId":1 , "featuresTitle":"title1"},
          {"featuresId":2 , "featuresTitle":"title2"} ,
          {"featuresId":3 , "featuresTitle":"title3"},
          {"featuresId":4 , "featuresTitle":title4"}
  • Do you want the result to be JSON? Take a look at this: dba.stackexchange.com/questions/192208/… – tttony Jul 4 at 21:03
  • MySQL never adds quotes until you ask for it directly (for example, by using JSON function). So I see three variants. 1) Quotes already exists in source data. 2) Quotes are added by your client software. 3) applika.features is a view which uses some JSON function. Variant 2 is preferred. – Akina Jul 5 at 5:03

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