When I export the table from PhpMyAdmin it downloads a .sql file with just a small part of the database (like 2 or 3% my table is 84M rows)
I have tried with SQLYog and mysqldump with a similar result.
Is not showing any error, just not exporting all the data.
I'm really lost, what could be causing this? maybe corrupted data? but why is not throwing errors then?
Also I can execute a query like:


And it shows the last row without problems!

MORE INFO: executing mysqldump with --where="id>XXX" let me continue de dump, but again stops at some random ID, sometimes it exports 10M of rows sometimes much less, and sometimes 0! but it always stops without error, and I need to create another dump starting on the last id exported, what could be causing this??

  • Please provide: SHOW CREATE TABLE, SHOW VARIABLES LIKE '%size;' Is the dump file a single INSERT (with lots of rows)? How big is that file, or how many rows are inserted by each chunk? – Rick James Jul 17 at 19:09

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