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Character set 'utf8mb4' is not a compiled character set and is not specified in the '/usr/share/mysql/charsets/Index.xml' file
InvalidArgumentException: There was a problem connecting to the database: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2019] Can't initialize character set utf8mb4 (path: /usr/share/mysql/charsets/)

mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.7.26

I'm trying to fix this error, but can't get it sorted on a live server. I have had to go through the procedure of adding the following to the /usr/share/mysql/charsets/Index.xml file on a local virtual machine which worked.

<charset name="utf8mb4">
  <description>UTF-8 MB4 Unicode</description>
  <collation name="utf8mb4_general_ci" id="45">
  <collation name="utf8mb4_bin"     id="46">

I've restarted mysql a couple of times since updating this to no avail. My database connection is listed like so

$db = new PDO("mysql:host=$host;dbname=$db;charset=utf8mb4", $db_username, $db_pass);

And all my database variable seem to check out based on other posts I've seen

enter image description hereenter image description here

my.cnf has the following set too


Is there any kind of cache that could be failing to clear even after a service mysqld restart command? (CentOS 6)

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I've found a fix for this, which was related to the package php71w-mysqlnd.x86_64 / php71w-mysql.x86_64

My local machine had php71w-mysqlnd.x86_64 installed whereas the live server had php71w-mysql.x86_64

After running the following two commands, it's now working

yum erase php71w-mysql.x86_64
yum install php71w-mysqlnd.x86_64

service httpd restart

Ref: https://stackoverflow.com/a/38006719/871150

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