Yesterday we moved from 2 node Galera to 4 node Galera with a brand new infrastructure. But after we move the database, Galera started throwing "WSREP has not yet prepared node for application use" error. However all 4 nodes are operational.

New symptom: This error comes from only one table :/


  • Galera is working with 4 nodes
  • All 4 nodes are in the same local network
  • There is no network connectivity issue
  • There is no disk issue (or IO)

We tried these but;

  • Increasing CPU did not help
  • Increasing RAM did not help
  • Changing config for auto_increment_increment to 4 did not help
  • Changing config query_cache_size=0 did not help
  • Database fix didnt work


  • New disks are all SSD, so I dont think there is a slow IO issue
  • Constantly monitoring them but WSREP is always in sync
  • Not always throwing errors
  • Cannot insert to a specific table and it gives errors with that table most of the time

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