PostgreSQL newbie here. I am trying to set up a PostgreSQL server to integrate our active directory credentials. I can edit the pg_hba.conf file to allow users with an internal IP to connect with OS authentication.

host all all sspi

The domain has user names with the format firstname.lastname, and users can connect. However, the period is obviously illegal and problems arise because of it, specifically relating to the creation/querying of log file tables. Users connect to PG databases via 3rd party software where they can specify database or operating system credentials.

Short of changing all 100+ domain user names to exclude illegal characters, or creating a separate login for users, is there any workaround for allowing my domain users to connect and perform operations with AD credentials? For instance, can I change a setting in PG to make exceptions, or can I create a rule for certain operations where the period would be interpreted differently? Just spitballing.

PostgreSQL 9.4 on Windows Server 2012 Clients on Windows 10

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