I just updated from 9.7 to 10.1, to leverage the new 4gig memory limitation. However, my app only appears to be using 2. So i searched for a way to find out how memory is used and found this command:

D:\DB2\scripts>db2pd -dbptnmem

Database Member 0 -- Active -- Up 0 days 04:40:54 -- Date 09/16/2012 14:37:08

Database Member Memory Controller Statistics

Controller Automatic: N
Memory Limit:         2097152 KB
Current usage:        2057664 KB
HWM usage:            2096960 KB
Cached memory:        390464 KB

Individual Memory Consumers:

Name             Mem Used (KB) HWM Used (KB) Cached (KB)
APPL-DOMINOS              2752        160000        1024
DBMS-DB2                109888        168832           0
FMP_RESOURCES            22528         22528           0
PRIVATE                  20480         86656        9344
DB-MYAPPLI             1901760       1901760      380096
LCL-p5088                  128           128           0
LCL-p5088                  128           128           0

The line that really stands out is

Memory Limit: 2097152 KB

What does this mean? Why does my app not use 4 gig? How can I change it so that it does? Where does one configure this?


Found the answer in the doc (I should have RTM). You check the setting using:

db2 get dbm cfg

And looking for INSTANCE_MEMORY, then update with:

db2 update dbm cfg using INSTANCE_MEMORY <memoryDividedBy4KB>
  • 1
    Make sure your bufferpools are set to actually use the memory. AUTOMATIC should be the default but it's always a good thing to check.
    – AngerClown
    Sep 17 '12 at 1:10
  • @AngerClown, would you mind expanding on that? Which setting in particular are you talking about?
    – Lucas
    Sep 17 '12 at 12:33
  • 1
    If you do a get db cfg make sure SELF_TUNING_MEM is set to ON. Then run ALTER BUFFERPOOL buffpoolname SIZE AUTOMATIC. You can check current BP sizes via snapshots or with this query: SELECT DB_NAME, BP_NAME, BP_CUR_BUFFSZ as BP_CUR_PG_CNT, ((t.bp_cur_buffsz * bp_info.pagesize) /1048576) as BP_MEM_MB_SIZE FROM TABLE(SNAP_GET_BP_PART('dsrdbm01',-1)) AS T, syscat.bufferpools bp_info where t.bp_name = bp_info.bpname
    – AngerClown
    Sep 17 '12 at 15:05

The following restrictions apply: DB2 Express-C , Fixed Term License (FTL): Two processor cores with a total of maximum of four cores No more than 4 GB of memory DB2 Express-C (no charge, non-warranted): Up to two processor cores No more than 2 GB of memory

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