I am in charge of estimating amount of data to archive off-site for legal requirements for fairly large (10 GB per client) tables. I found out that off-site storage is fairly expensive, and so am considering using "FLASHBACK ARCHIVE" and a flashback archive tablespace.

I see that after creating a flashback archive tablespace, creating a table with a CREATE TABLE STUDENT FLASHBASE ARCHIVE clause, inserting 300,000 rows, deleting some, and inserting some, the tablespace for the FLASHBACK ARCHIVE is using around 18 MB.

If I continue to do some testing, can I extrapolate the size to get a rough estimate of how big the FLASHBACK ARCHIVE will become after say, one year? I am thinking for off-site retention requirements I can simply export the current table and the FLASHBACK ARCHIVE tablespace and then send the export off-site.

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