Whenever a new / existing job gets failed on an instance of SQL Server, we should recieve an email about failure notification. Please help on how we can automate it?

  • Create an Operator, and configure "Alert System" in SQL Server Agent property and restart it (SQL Server Agent). Simple. – Rajesh Ranjan Aug 2 at 7:35
  • Have a look at this article: Configure a SQL Server Agent Operator – McNets Aug 2 at 7:40
  • @RajeshRanjan I am not talking about configuring alert for one job. and the setting you are talking about will only configure alerting system in Agent which is not my requirement. – sachin-SQLServernewbiee Aug 2 at 8:13

I'd suggest checking out this post from Greg Larsen - Automating SQL Server Agent Notification. You could manually create a SQL Agent job that runs periodically and searches for enabled jobs that don't have any notifications defined.

Here's an example of a dynamic SQL query you could put in a SQL Agent job to find SQL agent jobs without notifications and dynamically update them to have notifications. Make sure you uncomment the EXEC when you put it in a SQL Agent job. You will also have to modify the variable @Operator to specify the operator you want notified.

USE [msdb]


DECLARE @Operator VARCHAR(50) = 'DBA' -- place your operator name here

SELECT @ExecStmt = STUFF((
            SELECT ';' + 'EXEC sp_update_job @job_name = ''' + j.[name] + ''', @notify_email_operator_name = ''' + @Operator + ''', @notify_level_email = 2' -- 1=On Success, 2=On Faulure,3=always
            FROM dbo.sysjobs j
            WHERE j.enabled = 1
                AND j.notify_level_email <> 1
            FOR XML PATH(''), TYPE).value('.', 'VARCHAR(MAX)'),1,1,'')
PRINT @ExecStmt
--exec (@ExecStmt) 

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