I have two tables across two regions in Azure SQL Databases. There is a Bi-directional Data Sync configured between those two databases with automatic frequency of 15 minutes and conflict resolution is set as HUB WIN.

There was a data Purge activity done on those tables(simultaneously on HUB and MEMBER databases) which deleted around 3 million records from both the tables. This has impacted the sync latency. It took 1.5 weeks to process 2 million records.

Estimating from this It might take another week until the data is synced. We realise this could have been avoided by disabling the delete trigger temporarily before the purge activity.

Now, Would dropping the sync group and re-initiating the sync be a faster approach than waiting it out?

Or Would changing the ConfigValue of SqlSyncProviderBatchSizeInMB or any other ConfigKey in dss.configuration table (In MetaData Database) help speed up the process ?

Please note: The table size is more than 200 GBs.

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